Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14th Results (4.9 miles)

Away we go again, starting summer training in conditions that don't yet qualify as "summery." I'm posting this for the spring team as well, but will revise the active team list by next Sunday. Let me know, if you haven't already, if you want to remain on it.

Thanks to Lindsey for opening the store this morning. And to Russell for keeping me company on the course.

Previews and results for the summer half-marathon team will appear at on a different blog site...


(no times or paces recorded; purpose was to relax and let the miles flow, and for many of you to pay a return visit to Hayward Field's gate)


Michele (10 miles for Newport Half training)
Lydia (10 miles for Newport Half; welcome to the team!)
Rachel W.
Nobuko (welcome back to the team!)


(those reported to me)

Jan -- Sunday half-marathon race at Smith Rock in 2:32:27 (11:38 pace)

Stephanie -- Sunday 5 miles
Gary -- Thursday 5K race in 26:06 (8:29s)
Renee - Sunday 10K race at Smith Rock in 1:05:26 (10:33s)
Scott -- Thursday 5.2 miles at UO in 45:31 (8:42s)
Trina -- Sunday 5 miles
Russell -- Saturday 19 miles for Newport Marathon training

(Photo: Making Lydia's -- and her August's -- first day with the team complete was a run up "Joe's F-ing hill.")

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 14th Preview

It might be a little too soon to think about what’s next in races, so I’ll do no heavy selling on that this Sunday. We’ll get together for a reunion and celebration, with an easy run from the store at eight o’clock.

The route will take you back to the start/finish of last week’s race: Oakway and Coburg Roads to Ferry Street Bridge and across. Turn east on path, past Autzen footbridge to end of path at Agate Street. Continue on Agate, across Franklin to Hayward Field main gate (now locked). Turn AROUND there and come back the same way: south bank bike path, Ferry and store. Distance is unchecked but about 4.8 miles.

This run will remind you of your final mile(s) a week before. Turning around there symbolizes starting to leave that race behind and think about your next one – whenever and whatever that might be.

Bring a drink for delivery at halfway. Weather forecast: starting temperature in 40s with rain possible.


Question: What should I do in the days or weeks after this race?

Answer: One of the most important phases of a training program is also one of the most overlooked. This is what to do AFTER the race. It doesn’t end at the finish line but continues with what you do – or don’t do – in the immediate and extended period afterward. Right away, rest until ALL soreness has left the legs, usually most of the next week. Once you’re running again, follow a popular guideline of allowing at least one easy day for every mile of the race (about two weeks after a half, four after a marathon). One day per kilometer (or three to six weeks post-race) might work even better if the race was especially tough. During this period, take no really long runs, none very fast, and avoid further racing. Run easily until the prospect of training for another race excites you.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Training for Coburg Half-Marathon

Training for a long race goes better if you run with a group that shares your goal and a coach who has helped hundreds runners reach it before. You set the goal, and I provide the group support and coaching advice for carrying out a proven training plan.

This summer we mainly point the training toward the Coburg Summer Classic (July 16th) Half-Marathon. Runners can also choose other local races (such as the new Loving Liberates Half, Prost8K and Butte to Butte) or events farther afield (Newport Half, Wild Rogue Relay, Hood to Coast) – and adjust training distances accordingly. Or you can join this training without aiming for any race but just to take a regularly scheduled and supported long run with the group.

With numbers of our marathoners declining for several years, we offer no formal marathon program this summer. However, you’re welcome to join our half-marathoners for some of your training. For an October marathon, I recommend starting with the Coburg group through that race, then continuing to extend your long run afterward.

The Eugene Running Company has sponsored this training group since its launch in 2005. More than 500 runners have joined us, and their finish rate in halves and marathons is greater than 99 percent.

The team meets at the Running Company on Sunday mornings at 8:00 (unless noted otherwise in the schedule below). The training fee is $50 for these two months of training. Bring a friend who’s new to the team, and it’s two of you for the price of one. This is payable at the store before your training begins.

We welcome runners of all abilities and experience levels. However, we strongly recommend that you have run at least four miles before this training begins. Our minimum number of runners in each training cycle is 10, below which you don’t get full value of teaming up. The maximum is 30, above which the group becomes too large for one coach to manage well. To reserve a spot on Joe’s Team, contact me at:


May 14th –5 miles to start training for Coburg Half
May 21st –6 miles
May 28th –7 miles
June 4th – (no team training; Newport Marathon weekend)
June 11th – 8 miles (at Mill Race Path in Springfield)
June 17th – 9 miles (on Saturday, before 6/18 Prost8K)
June 25th – 10 miles
July 2nd – 11 miles (Joe is away)
July 9th – 6 miles
July 16th – Coburg Half at 8:00 a.m.

Our next round of training after Coburg will target the Florence Half (September 24th). That mileage build-up will begin on July 23rd.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Eugene Half-Marathon Results

It's a perfect day when every teammate who starts, finishes. Today was even more perfect than usual, when the sun shone on us but temperatures stayed runner-friendly. Our count: 19 for 19 in the half-marathon (including many from my UO classes), seven for seven in the marathon.

Special thanks to Rhonda Zimlich's family and Michele Clemo for arranging our support station at Valley River. To Michele, Rachel Walker and Neal Benson for pacing two of our marathoners. And to Sara Tepfer for helping at the finish (after setting a PR in the half). 


(with official times and paces for 13.1 miles; target was to finish, and anything more was a bonus)

Manuel -- 4:01:06 walk (18:24 pace)

Neal -- 2:26:40 (11:11s)
Jean -- 2:25:23 (11:05s)
Tatiana -- 2:36:41 (11:58s)
Stephanie -- 2:18:32 (10:34s)
Gary -- 2:00:39 (9:12s)
Lauren -- 1:51:09 (8:29s)
Alisha -- 1:55:08 (8:47s)
Rachel L. -- 1:54:40 (8:45s) debut
Scott -- 1:44:13 (7:57s) debut
Trina -- 2:30:36 (11:29s)
Lorrie -- 2:27:53 (11:17s)

From 2017 UO classes:

Tori -- 1:54:17 (8:43s)

Daniel -- 1:55:20 (9:02s)
Scott -- see above
Jack -- 1:55:41 (8:50s)
Sarah -- 2:03:19 (9:24s)
Jessica N. -- 2:37:22 (12:00s)
Rana -- 2:00:13 (9:10s)
Chelsea -- 2:54:25 (13:18s)


(with official times and paces for 26.2 miles; target was to finish, and anything more was a bonus)

Mike -- 3:28:12 (7:56 pace)

Kyoko -- 4:32:15 (10:23s)
Julie -- 3:48:17 (8:42s)
Leah K. -- 3:45:24 (8:36s)
Anna -- 3:32:47 (8:07s) debut and Boston qualifier
Leah W. -- 4:34:30 (10:28s)
Rhonda -- 5:24:36 (12:23s)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Eugene Half-Marathon Preview

It’s here at last, the Eugene Marathon and Half. Four months after our group training began for the longer race, two months for the shorter, the big morning that once seemed so far away is so near that it appears in the week’s weather forecast. Sunday morning conditions appear near-perfect: Sunday morning temperature rising from cool (40s at 7:00 start) to warm (50s by noon, with the afternoon high of 62), mostly sunny and likely dry.

Weekend plans and tips:

Pick up packet at soccer field west of Hayward Field on 15th Avenue, Friday (1:00 to 6:00 P.M.) or Saturday (9:00 to 6:00 P.M.).

On Sunday morning I’ll station myself in front of the Law School, 15th and Agate, from six o’clock on. Due to security restrictions, I can take none of your excess clothing or other supplies to the finish area.

I’ll stand at Agate and 15th to watch our first runners pass the nine-mile mark. I need to leave there by about 8:20 to see our first half-marathoners finish.

Michael Lebowitz will shoot photos before and after your race. Save a smile for the finish line. Tears of joy, and relief, are okay too.

Nothing will contribute more to your final result than starting at the right pace for you. What’s “right”? Close to the pace of your longest training run with the team. This means you need to feel like you’re holding back in the early miles. If designated pace leaders match your needs, start with them.

You’ll run the last 200 meters on the famous Hayward Field track. Remember to look up and left to see yourself on the big screen. I’ll be near the finish line. If you don’t want a hug from me, hide in a crowd or keep running out the gate after you finish!

If you enlist pacers who aren’t entered, ask them to stop short of the Hayward gate. Only runners wearing visible numbers are allowed onto the track.

Parking on race day will be difficult in the campus area. You’ll do better taking a shuttle from one of the remote spots: at the Valley River Inn, Autzen Stadium, Eugene Hilton, or Springfield Holiday Inn Express. Shuttles start running at 5:30 A.M.

The best places to watch on the course: (1) near 18th and Agate for the start and the ninth mile; (2) Hilyard and 33rd, about three and six miles; (3) for marathon only, Valley River Center, about 18 miles and then 22 by walking across the footbridge. Drive to the west of the course to avoid road closures and delays. Don’t even think about riding on the bike path portions; it’s too crowded.

Your fans can see the finish at Hayward Field, with only the west grandstand open. You can reunite with them at the artificial-turf field, adjacent to the finish area, as you exit the track.

If you have late problems, text or call me at 541-953-7179.

Worry is normal this week. Some of you even use the words “freaking out.” I’m available for psychological counseling all week. The most comforting statistic I can give you is this: 99.5 percent of our past runners who’ve reached the starting line have finished (illness on race day or pre-existing injury, not a race-caused problem, stopped the other 0.5 percent). If you get to the start healthy, you’re almost certain to cross the finish line. I’m excited to greet you there.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30th Results (one hour)

What began as long ago as snowy January concluded today in gray almost-May. It's all over now but the racing. I'll send details in the next few days about plans for half/marathon day.

Thanks to Neal for helping on the course this morning.


(runners listed but no exact time, distance or pace recorded for most of you; target was to relax while tapering for next week's race)


Jan (ran 11 miles for his race a week after Eugene)
Michele (ran 8 miles for her race later)
Leah K.
Rachel L.


(those reported to me)

Daniel -- 5.5 and 4.0 miles with Tuesday-Thursday UO class
Kyoko -- 45 minutes with Saturday team

Julie -- 7.9 miles at 8:18 pace in Salem on Sunday

Two photo choices: one without Rhonda, the other without me. Someone had to hold the camera phone!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 30th Preview

Everybody runs as one this Sunday, and nobody runs by distance. (I know, of course, that you’ll check, but I won’t record.) This will be our traditional one-hour run to end the training cycle. Two reasons: By-time runs remove the pressure of pace; an hour takes 60 minutes no matter how easily you run… And unlike all other runs, you all will finish close together; that’s important because you’ll see few of your teammates on race day.

This run will not be the Eugene Running Company. Instead we’ll meet at the new Mill Race Path in Springfield for an 8:00 start. If you haven’t been there, you’re in for a real treat. (Directions are coming by email.)

The route: go east from trailhead to intersection with Middle Fork Path, then left until your 30-minute mark. Turn around there and come back the same way.

Bring a drink for delivery at Jasper trailhead, in both directions. Weather forecast: starting temperature in 40s with rain possible.


Question: How much should I run the last week before the race?

Answer: Run as little as your conscience will allow. It’s too late now, with the half-marathon just days away, to do anything that will make the race go better. But it’s never too late to make a mistake – most commonly running too far or too fast – that will come back to bite you on race day. Take at least as many rest days as you would before a weekly training run. Take nothing longer than you would on a normal week’s easy run, and ideally shorter. You won’t forget how to run this week, and you’ll race better the more rested you are.